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NCLEX Reviews for RN and LVN

Did you know that the NCSBN regularly revises the NCLEX PN and RN Test Plans?

These revisions brings about a lot of P-P-D and SATA and threw in a few more Exhibits and Hot Spots.

Master the conceptual framework behind the NCLEX exam and ace the test for the first time! Our unique one-on-one coaching approach has been proven effective by our successful students who are now professionals.

After pre-registration and a few days before the two-day, face-to-face review, you will get an email link to take the Diagnostic Exam with free analysis and interpretation. A review program is then designed based on your diagnostic results.

This is followed by the two-day face-to-face intensive review – usually scheduled on weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

As a follow through, you will also get three months online access to 2500 questions with free Critical Thinking.

Your personal coach will then give you feedback if and when you are ready to take the NCLEX exam based on the results of your online practice.

You cannot go wrong with the effective (and funny) approach of Ms. Alexa Araw, BSN, RN, a former Kaplan consultant and current NCLEX item test writer.

Hurry and register now…seats are limited!

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